We The People

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Beep.  Chaching. Beep.  Beep. It's everywhere. Walking down the main shopping strip of the CBD, you see people tapping everywhere they go. Everything happens so quick, yet it still seems stagnant... watching one line continuously flow towards the machine with a tapping motion. It's like an endless loop of an instagram video.  The phone rings in my pocket, I take it out to see a set of numbers. The tram dings... more numbers. It's like everything has been dedicated a set of barcodes. Even everyone born today is assigned a set of digits; passport, drivers license, bank details. That is...

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The Beginning XO

Our branding ethos remains in a fluid state to symbolise the weave between the ever-changing perspective of reality within the individuals of our multi-cultural streets. Our designs include culture jamming ideals in a light-hearted tongue in cheek fashion, or simply just for fun.     The Beginning XO emulates the cycle of change that is birthed by play. The harmony between the elements can stimulate some encouragement to interact with our surroundings whilst remaining playful.

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What is Katsumu?

    The Katsumu team is composed of a team dedicated to rejuvenating the essence of urban clothing; creativity, comfort and social banter. Because why not. The name itself has been inspired by three different components; magic mushrooms, tsunami and the name かつみ (Katsumi). Magic MUshrooms are known to help create alternative perspectives of the surroundings by bending your state of mind. TSUnamis are strong tides that can greatly affect our cities and the natural environment. Together, they formed TSUMU to represent our ideology regarding the waves of change. This is then reflected by the meaning of かつみ (Katsumi) in Japanese; “overcome, oneself”....

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Social Proof