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Comment on the bottom of this page to inspire a design:

  • Story
  • Joke
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Meme
  • Video
  • Whatever you have to offer.


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Submissions before 31st May 2020! We will move forward from there.

Top 3 are posted as a Facebook poll for a public vote!
The winner gets their submission designed for the shirt and gets one for FREE!



Please note:

1) All comments will go through a moderator; we do not care what the story is but anything unethical will not be accepted. These include but not limited to; racist and sexist comments. 

2) Feel free to use profanity if you feel like you need it, we are not encouraging it. Just use it. If you need it ;) If you do please use the asterisk (*). This is a f*cking example. 

3) The submissions will be made public, as there is a public voting involved so please only share things that you do not mind others seeing. 

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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