About Katsumu

The Katsumu team is dedicated to provide alternative urban clothing for those who enjoy the hidden messages that your fashion can express. The name was inspired by three different components; magic mushrooms, tsunami and the name かつみ (katsumi). 
  • Magic Mushrooms are known to help create alternative perspectives by bending your state of mind.
  • Tsunamis are strong tides that can cause catastrophic change to cities and surroundings.
  • The meaning of かつみ (Katsumi) in Japanese; “overcome, oneself”.
Together they created Katsumu, a community brand that enjoys pushing the boundaries of commonality. 

Our branding ethos remains in a fluid state to symbolise the weave between the ever-changing perspective of reality within our multi-cultural streets. Our designs can vary from culture jamming ideals to light-hearted tongue in cheek banter.

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The Community

The Habitués Collective

This is the collaborative group of brands formed by Katsumu. We are like-minded creative groups that enjoy providing alternative forms of service. Although we are ambitious, we are well grounded to the importance of staying true to yourself and loving the interactions you have with your surroundings.
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Community Design Forum

The Submit.A.Story is an ongoing design 'competition' where members of the community, such as yourself, is given an opportunity to share; a story, meme, poem, and anything in between, to inspire us to create a new design. The Katsumu team will then pick the top 3 to use as a public poll on our Facebook page where votes will decide the winner. The winning submission is used as a design inspiration and the person to submit gets said product for FREE!

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Design.Story Blog

 The Design.Story Blog is a story journal that provides readers the background and purpose behind each design of our products. If you enjoy art and want to find out more behind the meaning of each of our product click here


Haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of three lines in the structure of; five, seven, and five. Read some of our Haiku's here!

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