Habitués Collective

ANOMALI is a daring group of individuals who help manage underground events that focuses on showcasing urban food and entertainment. Their community attracts audacious individuals who love to dance and play in Melbourne's grunge scene. Click on their icon to check out their page to find out more and get yourself involved!


KAZRA is a Melbourne based project that rediscovers the esoteric realms of 60's psychedelia into modern rock  music. The unique composition and arrangement of   melodies immediately paints your visionary palette with vibrating colours. Kazra takes this bold leap in expressing the harsh solitude that is too often felt within our cities in an alternative fashion. 

JATNEY is a Filipino born artist who has spent different stages of his life in different countries. He is a curious artists who enjoys exploring the depths of society and its construct. The emotions and layers expressed in his artwork are definitely not one for the light-hearted. Check his art out if you dare.
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