This Is Us


Recently, streetwear has become nothing more than just fashion with a statement of it being 'cool'. The avant-garde palette that once defined streetwear had lost its vibrancy. The Katsumu team is dedicated to rejuvenating the essence of streetwear for those who enjoy creativity, comfort and satirical social messages.

The logo itself has been inspired by three different components; magic mushrooms, tsunami and the name かつみ (katsumi). Magic MUshrooms are known to help create alternative perspectives of the surroundings by bending your state of mind. TSUnamis are strong tides that can greatly affect our cities and the natural environment. Together, they formed TSUMU to represent our streetwear ideology regarding the waves of change. This is then reflected by the meaning of かつみ (Katsumi) in Japanese; “overcome, oneself”. We overcome the misconception that streetwear is nothing more than just fashion. Hence, the birth of Katsumu provides a platform for individualism and creativity into contemporary streetwear.

Our branding ethos remains in a fluid state to symbolise the weave between the ever-changing perspective of reality within the individuals of our multi-cultural streets. Our designs include culture jamming ideals in a light-hearted tongue in cheek fashion.

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